Weak password
moses.aboiyar / 01.03.2019

Weak Passwords and Disadvantages

Is it possible for someone half the world away or from your backyard to possess your password? Yes if your password is not unique and popular.

A wordlist is a list of passwords on a text file for the purpose of trying each password against your username or email to see the one that matches, this process is known as brute-force and can be deadly accurate if the attacker has information enough to guess the right password.

Mobile numbers are a no go for passwords, also dictionary words, date of birth, or a combination of your name with your date of birth.

The hardest thing to do is to guess a password, it is exhausting and takes a long time therefore it is unlikely that an attacker would target a random person for brute-force. But if the information you are protecting is valuable to an attacker, he could gather information about you to help him or her guess your password if it is a weak password. Information like nick name, spouse name, mobile number, date of birth, pet name and others.

Also another way to ensure brute-force works is by leaving your passwords at default, default password wordlist for different targetable devices are widely available for those looking and they can be used for access into devices like routers.

Bottom line is the more unique your password is, the less likely it will be in an attackers dictionary. We Africans have an advantage in the fact that our languages are not widely written digitally so passwords originating from our words could be harder to guess by a wide range of attackers who could utilize brute-force tools or scripts. 

Always stay safe and 'godisgood' or it's like should be avoided especially when you openly express your faith.