Fake ad watching website
moses.aboiyar / 26.07.2020

Watch and get paid? Or Not

A friend Introduced me to a new way to make money, that he was introduced by another friend and wanted to run it by me. It basically is getting paid for watching video ads. Sounds convincing right? Well it is especially for someone who needs a quick buck and they offered not outrageously like the others promising money doubling. They offer 50 cents a minute but the problem is that is not how video advertising work. 

A wants to advertise, contacts B an advertising agency and B contacts C a website with enough traffic and A pays for the advert that B gives to C and pays C only if visitors watch or click on the advert.​​​​

So where exactly does paying you for watching ads come into the picture? It doesn't. So what's the aim of the scam and how is the scammer profiting? Remember C gets paid if visitors watch or click on the ads, you are the visitor and the website owner promising you is C getting paid while you waste your data watching ads. And another peck is he now has your email address. 

An Example: There might be a lot of this type of scams but we'll look at otivideon.host or .site or .xyz or whichever free domain extensions out there.

Otivideon is fraud


They have an explanation as to how you would be making money fast and how to withdraw 

Otivideon is fraud

Everyone who has tried withdraw from this system has failed and they are usually told to do something else before they can withdraw till they stop talking to you and you can't login anymore. 

The fair thing to do is to always research anything presented to you and a simple search of the otivideon brought fraud allegations and it turns out the domain was registered just about 2 months ago. It says on their website they've been in business for 14 years (2006 - 2020). 

Otivideon domain scan

And the reviews which also came up on the first search and it turns out they were very negative and nobody got paid. A few of them are below.

Otivideon is fraud report

Then there is a report on Bitcoin abuse where someone actually tried to get paid after he met all requirement.

Otivideon is fraud report


How to spot a fake website

A website that is set up to scam you is not that difficult to spot. There are certain features;

  1. If what is promised is too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Like doubling of investment or easy money or free things cos nothing is free. Always use sites like Trustpilot to look at website reviews.
  2. Check it's domain to see when it was registered and by who on WhoIs or LookWhois. Also people who have a lot to offer you won't go for free or low cost domains like .host .xyz .site and the likes of them.
  3. Always try connecting to the website securely using HTTPS, if they don't have a certificate it's a no go area.
  4. If transactions on the website are done through direct bank transfer like in Ponzi schemes, also be extra careful as you might not get your money back.
  5. Another huge give away is a poorly designed or staged website. We're in 2020 and web development has come far enough that we have beautiful websites and easy too, so if a website is looking like it's from 1999, it's probably a no go area.

You can get more info on how to spot a fake website on Kaspersky resource page on such websites.

Don't be a victim, research and always be one step ahead of the scammer.